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Nothando Mungwe & Kim Coetzee

First week bloggers:Kim Coetzee & Nothando Mungwe

With the end of week one and the beggining of the last week ERC interns Nothando Mungwe and Kim Coetzee, and ERC staffer Max Edkins head home to (much sunnier) South Africa and are replaced as bloggers by Meagan Jooste, Thapelo Letete and Anya Boyd.

So this is Nothando and I saying goodbye Copenhagen, hello Cape Town.


The Kyoto Protocol was the first major step of international cooperation on climate change. It defined mid-term emission reduction targets and mechanisms to deliver marginal emission reductions in Annex 1 countries. However, long-term emission targets require going beyond marginal reductions. Envisaged 50-95% emission reductions by 2050 are possible, only if

  • countries pursue marginal reduction opportunities and shift to low-emission development
  • all countries are empowered to make the transition to low-emission development Read the rest of this entry »

Global Day of Climate Action
At 1pm today at Parliament Square (Christiansborg Slotsplads) speakers Ms. Helena Christensen, Ms. Angélique Kidjo, Mr. Thure Lindhardt, Mr. Rahul Bose and Mr. Kumi Naidoo spoke to a large, enthusiastic and mixed crowd before leading the protesters in a 6 kilometre march to the Bella Center.
Below are a few photos I took as the protesters marched – peacefully I might add – through Christianshaven in the earlier part of the march.

Reports have since come in of arrests being made by Danish Police, but I’ve no further details at this time.

YOu can click here to see the route of the march.

Gina at the stand

Gina at the stand

ERC and CSAG are hosting an exhibition stand together with SEI and START.

Here you can see CSAG researcher Gina Ziervogel talking to some interested parties.

A rewriting of the 12 days of Christmas courtesy of the Youth Forest Working Group…

Youth Forest Working Group members

The last stanza:
On the LAST day in Denmark
the UN gave to me
Pathetic little targets
No demand side measures
Ecosystems crashing
Palm-oil a-flowing
Emissions a-leaping
No Indigenous rights
Peat lands a-draining
Endangered species
Forests converted … [pause]
Craaaap MRV,
Too much fossil fuels
Trees chain-sawed
No strings attached
And a big fat logging subsidy!